You may hear lupin crying like she is in an RSPCA advert. This is a call for attention. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP. or we will have a constantly crying pup on our hands. Ignore her like she isn’t making the noise. If she stops and hasn’t done it for 2 ish minutes, she can have cuddles then.

Ring Ring Ring! DINGALING!

Lupin tends to go to bed around 10-11ish and will sleep until 7-8ish. that’s a span of 10 ish hours that she goes without a bathroom break.  She has the ability to wee on command. However, she has learned that if she rings the bell and does a wee outside she can get a treat. This can often be a call for attention and results in BELL ABUSE! She will ring the bell, go outside for a wee, ring the bell 10 mins later, have another and keep repeating throughout the day for attention and activity. Typically she needs 2-3 poops a day tops and 4 ish wees. Youll have to be the judge of any abuse.


She isn’t much of a barker. We have been recently teaching her ‘speak’ which is fun. She is allowed to do tiny bofs. ones you can barely hear. But any full-scale barks are not allowed. They must be returned with a stern posture and a swift ‘NO’.


She will often look for things to steal. you’ll know she has stolen something because she walking around like she’s in a slow-motion video. I have not found a solution for this yet. You just have to go get it off her.