Q. “Can she be off the lead?”

Yes just not near the road. In fact I encourage it as the collie in her needs to run! If she sees another doggie she will go and play unless you have the frisbee which is more powerful than the holy grail.

Q. “How do I get her to come back?”

She’s getting much better at returning to whistling. Combined with the odd LUPIIIN or a ‘whats this’ and she usually shoots back. Its good to take her frisky out as its a powerful bartering tool.

Q. “How often does she need a wee”

A. first thing in the morning 8/9 then once around 11/13, and few times closer to 5-9PM. Refer to the Routine post for more detailed information.

Q. “She’s stolen something and it’s in her mouth

She does this… you can say “Wait!” then approach her. say “Thank YOU!” and kinda fish it out of her mouth

Q.” she growls really loudly when I come in or friends arrive”

She does this… she never went to puppy greeting classes or her way of showing she’s happy to see you.

Q.” When can she have Food

Whenever she is good! Out for a scheduled wee, rings the bell and has a wee, comes on command. Don’t worry about overfeeding her.